Flying the UK Plc Flag



Flying the UK Plc Flag

03 Mar 2023

The Home Office has awarded UKES a concessionary contract to deliver the provision of Migration Business Endorsing Body (MBEB) Services commencing Spring 2023.


UK Endorsement Services (UKES Ltd.) is proud to announce its status as a Government ‘Home Office’ authorised Endorsing Bodies. These organisations will review applications, assess levels of innovation, viability and scalability and interview individual applicants to ensure the likelihood of successful business growth in the UK. The small group of expert Endorsing Bodies will provide a fixed-fee service to Innovator Visa applicants after being scrutinised and selected via a UK Government procurement exercise in 2022.


The UK Government offers an Innovator Visa  to international entrepreneurs looking to set up and run an innovative business in the UK. A successful application should include a unique, innovative business concept, clearly distinguishable from anything else in the UK marketplace, fully viable with measurable potential for growth.


The Innovator Visa route is in line with the UK Government Innovation Strategy, which sets out its vision to make the UK a global hub for innovation by 2035.


Who are UKES?


UKES Ltd. comprises a consortium of 6 highly-skilled and experienced companies which have joined forces to form a unique and innovative endorsing body. The consortium partners are Blue Orchid, European Innovation, International Innovation Hub, NEXUS, Schoolgate Accounting Services and Severn Seed Finance.


Through the combined experience within the team, the consortium has over 75 years expertise in supporting business growth and development. During that time they have helped create over 20,000 new businesses and in excess of 25,000 new jobs across a range of sectors within the UK.


The team also has a vast wealth of knowledge in raising finance across all stages of a company’s growth lifecycle, and can boast of having raised over £150m of equity and investment for UK companies.


UKES Ltd. also offers business hub offices and shared high-tech working spaces in specific locations around the UK - here businesses can collaborate with other entrepreneurial, like-minded individuals.


Each member of the team has their own set of skills, designed to complement one another,  ensuring all areas of support can be provided to help applicants through their business growth and expansion journey.



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