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A team with experience and vision

Severn Seed Finance (SSF) is a private limited company based in Cardiff, Wales. We are specialists in raising start up and early stage finance, and also have access to succession funding for owners wishing to sell and MBO’s. The SSF Team has over 60 years business and equity funding experience, and raised over £100M of equity and leveraged  investment. SSF's USP is its ability to prepare start up and early stage  businesses to meet the specific  requirements of the funds it works with, secure introductions to these Funds, and provide access to alternative funding sources throughout a business' growth cycle.



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Head Investment Associate


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Operations Manager


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Business Associate


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Business Associate



Founder Entrepreneurs need to raise risk finance to realise their business aspirations. There is a bewildering array of possible investment sources available, but little help or guidance on how to secure it or what exactly funders require. 



We specialise in:
  • Expert advice and support to prepare your business for investment
  • Structuring funding requirements
  • Identifying the right finance for your business
  • Introductions to a range of finance options
We operate on three basic principles:
  • Designing proposals to meet outcomes
  • Understanding Funders and Investors core drivers
  • Being client facing and transparent
Severn Seed Finance combines the extensive business and investment experience of its team with the latest Fintech to maximise the chances of securing investment for its clients.
As a Business, choosing SSF can increase the chance of successfully raising investment.
As an Investor or Fund, choosing SSF opens the door to high-quality, investment-ready propositions. SSF can tilt the balance in its clients’ favour.


Fees and charges apply should you be accepted onto the Severn Seed Finance's programme



Registration Fee

  • Feedback on Investment profiling process (DRISK IT)
  • SEIS and EIS guidance
  • Guidance and advice on your investment presentation from our professional team.
  • Subject to satisfactory feedback your investment opportunity goes live on our private investor platform. 
  • Specific investor alert

 Success Fee

Success fees based on funding source and funds raised. Charged retrospectively.






  • Register as an investor with SSF
  • Acknowledge Risk Warnings
  • Self certify investor status
  • Set up account
  • Identify investment preferences
  • Log on to view investment opportunities
  • Invest individually, in a syndicate or alongside Funds
  • Manage portfolio online


  • Register as a Fund investor
  • Set up account
  • Identify investment preferences
  • Invest alone or Co-invest with other Funds and private investors
  • Manage portfolio on line



Severn Seed Finance adopts a four-stage, fintech-based process to identify suitable companies to go forward for investment.



Stage 1 - Enquiries

Enquiries – businesses approaching SSF for funding are required to complete an on-line evaluation app which assesses the stage in the investment readiness process the business is at.



Stage 2 - Register

If the business meets the necessary level of investment criteria it will then be invited to formally register with SSF. Registered companies will need to have a range of supporting information including a business plan, pitch deck and pitch video.


Stage 3 - Engagement/Introductions

Companies will be entitled to enter the SSF online deal platform to engage with members of the SSF Investment community. The community comprises of investment funds and individual High Net Worth investors. This stage is live until investment is received or the expiry of the company’s registration (12 months).

Stage 4 - Investment

Following completion of investment success fees will be due and the company will be invoiced accordingly.



How does SSF work?

Companies seeking early stage funding must complete an on-line business evaluation app to assess how ready they are to raise investment. Following registration client companies enter the first stage of an on-line engagement process.  Following feedback, companies can then progress to the final stage where SSF’s funding partners can view in a closed on-line environment all investment proposals currently registered at that time and at their discretion decide which investment opportunities they wish to take further.  SSF have sole discretion to select the companies they invite to register and take forward to introduce to their funding partners.

Who is SSF for?

Entrepreneurs – Founders and individuals that can demonstrate elements of innovation, commercial viability and market traction for interesting business proposals that require external equity investment. These proposals must be scalable and capable of providing adequate returns for investors plus have a viable exit route at some point in the future. Exact requirements can vary depending on the preferred source of risk funding.

Fund and Investors – Those seeking innovative potentially high growth businesses requiring risk investment but that have been through an initial evaluation and preparation process. SSF clients will be at a very early stage or start up position in the business cycle. They will carry fairly high risks given the understandable failure rates of businesses at this stage in their life cycle. They will therefore appeal to tax efficient investment funds that qualify for SEIS or EIS tax relief to mitigate risk, and to private HNWI investors that understand the level of risk but are seeking potentially high growth investment opportunities that also benefit from tax relief.

SSF provides the additional opportunity for Funds and HNWI private investors to syndicate together and benefit from the hands-on aspects of a lead investor to mitigate risk.

Is there a minimum investment?

SSF client companies will typically require from £100K to £1m equity investment. The minimum single investment amount accepted is from £10,000.

Is tax relief available for investors?

Yes, tax relief is available on those client companies that qualify for HMRC SEIS, EIS or SITR tax relief schemes. SSF specialises in these types of companies and evaluate potential client’s proposals against the qualifying criteria for these schemes.

What business sectors does SSF raise money for?

SSF seeks businesses from all sectors, but some sectors such as property and financial services may not be eligible for HMRC tax relief schemes or other funding sources.

Will I need to take separate professional advice?

SSF client companies are advised to seek specialist professional advice in the following key areas:

  • Tax advice to ensure they meet the qualifying criteria for the various UK Government schemes aimed at informal investments such as SEIS, EIS and SITR.
  • Business plan preparation – to ensure the financial viability of proposals
  • Legal advice – to meet corporate requirements and at the deal making stage identify clearly investor rights, share classes, and warranties.



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