JOIN THE easy BRAND WAGON & Enjoy a 34% ROI from an investment of just £12K



JOIN THE easy BRAND WAGON & Enjoy a 34% ROI from an investment of just £12K

21 Mar 2018

The easy brand is expanding into many sectors. Now private investors can be part of its latest initiative "easyCoffee TO GO" ,  and enjoy spectacular returns, regular monthly income  and reduced tax.

easyCoffee part of the well-known “easy” brand, has successfully opened a number of coffee shops in the London area. EasyCoffee TO GO is the extension ofeasyCoffee into the coffee vending market.

To fund the capital assets of the new business - the easy branded vending machines - private investors are being invited to purchase the machines and enjoy a 50% share in the on-site revenues. 

easyCoffee TO GO finds the sites, minimum sales per day are guaranteed and easy arrange servicing. Revenues are paid monthly straight into your bank account. Live sales metrics will be available through a downloadable app. Find your own site and returns are even greater.

The initial capital outlay for a single machine is just £12,000. Machine life is 6 years. There's a strong market for second-hand machines.

Competitive financing and capital allowances are also available. Multiple machines across several sites can be purchased.

The initial release of 150 machines has already been 60% subscribed.

Join the easy Brand Wagon. Own your own coffee vending machine. Start earning now - contact us for further details and an application form. Apply here.


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